Yes, we only pick fruit on request. When we receive the order, we go to our farms and pick it from your fruit tree and deliver it to your home. This way, we make sure that it reaches your table with of all of the flavour of fruit that has been freshly-picked from the tree.

Our harvests yield around 60 kilos of oranges and 15 kilos of pomegranates. The persimmon yield is determined at the start of each season.

Yes. It’s a really original and healthy gift. Tell us who and where and we will deliver it to them.

Yes. Yes. In fact, we encourage you to explore our farms and follow the development of your fruit tree.

You also have the chance to pick the fruit from your tree and see for yourself how your fruit tree receives the best care. We will give you a demonstration of how to cut the fruit from the tree and, if you like, you can pick it. We will also explain how we care for your fruit tree.

You can spend a day on our farms, enjoying nature and picking your own fruit.

Yes, but if your tree produces less than the expected amount of fruit for some reason, we will supplement it through another fruit tree with a higher yield.

When you adopt a fruit tree, the fruit is picked at the optimal stage of ripeness. However, fruit that is taken to a chamber after being picked and then to a shop is usually picked from the tree when it is unripe and ripens in the ripening chamber and it is sometimes even coated with wax to improve its appearance.

As the fruit is freshly-picked from the tree, it can last for between two and six weeks if you store it in a cool, well-ventilated place. There is no need to store it in the fridge.

When you receive the order it important that you remove it from the box and separate the fruit.

When we receive your order we pick the fruit from your tree. As soon as it is ready, we send it to your home during business hours in less than 48 hours, provided that you place the order between Monday and Thursday. All orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will not be processed until Monday, so that the fruit does not have to be placed in storage and it can be delivered to your home straight from the tree.

If there is nobody home when your order arrives, the delivery driver will leave a note with the address and telephone number of the place where you can collect the order.

Of course. You decide where you want us to send the fruit.

The minimum order is a box, which weighs 15 kg.

24/48-hour courier service with home delivery (maximum of 2 tries, excluding peak production periods, when it will be 1). Subsequent deliveries to the courier depots.